How To Create (and Flourish) Any Relationship

Mark Justin
3 min readNov 14, 2020

Don’t you admire people with leadership skills who have a busy life they have a handle on?

Don’t get this misconstrued though with ‘you’re too busy to even have a friendship (or any type of relationship).’

You are busy enough to be firm on what times you are available to fit them in. At the end of the day, everyone likes to be a priority! But they do not like being the first priority always.

They would want to see you assertive and establishing things. Leadership skills are essential. It shows that you have ‘status’ and know where you are heading in your life. And you are proactive in going after and conquering what you want.

And when you have a busy schedule, this also shows you and others that your life is of value to yourself. You have built for yourself, and they would want to see more about this; it would be intriguing to anyone.

You’re full of knowledge

For most people, there is no bigger attraction (at least based on my experience) than meeting someone who they can learn from — who can give them mental stimulation.

By mental stimulation I mean they can go back and forth with you, and you challenge them to learn more. But you can only go back and forth with them (smoothly)if you get what they are saying. And you get what they’re saying by listening to them. Not hearing them. Not being mentally occupied by thinking of what clever thing to say next.

Just listen.

As the conversation smoothly flows, the clever thing will come to you naturally when it’s your turn to speak.

You plan things out

When you have a set plan, it shows the other person that you’re invested in trying to get to know them. You’re not always a last-minute person.

You are taking time to get to know them, you plan out, and you get them excited to see you. Meaning you’re busy all week, but there’s time that you’re gonna be able to see each other because of the fact that you’ve made plans.

Be decisive and know what the plans are. Meaning you don’t just say to them the old “what you wanna do,” without giving suggestions nor do you just go back and forth with them, making them spend a lot of energy on nothing. Decisiveness shows power and most people are consciously or (unconsciously) attracted to ‘power.’



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